Mifo i2 User Manual

Mifo i2 User Manual

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When the headset and mobile device is under connecting status ,if did not connect successfully, 15 minutes later the system is default turning off automatically to save power.P

Wearing methods

i2 User Manual : BUTTON FUNCTION





1. Reconnect: successfully paired device, restart or under the searching range, it can be automatically connected; if can not connect, please click the play/pause button or mobile phone bluetooth surface to manual click to connect.
2.If the pairing can not completed within 90s, headset will be off automatically, it means the pairing is failed. Please repeat the above 3 steps to reconnect.


Open the USB cover (on the back of the control board), inset to the USB charging cable(Micro USB side),the other side connect with the computer or power charger to charge.

Please use the original mifo Micro USB data cable or brand charging cable to charge. The adaptor or car charger should be 5V (1A ~2A). Please don’t use the adaptor or power supplier whose output current is more than 2A. It will take 1-2 hours to charge fully. Don’t use small current power bank to charge, it probably can’t charge.

Built-in memory storage

Connect the bluetooth headset with computer by Micro USB data cable.

To make sure the completeness of the data transimission,please use original micro USB data cable or brand micro USB data cable to connect headsets and computer.
Don’t use poor quality or unsure quality micro data USB cable to transmit the data.

Firmware upgrade

Mifo i2 supports firmware upgrade.You can upgrade the firmware to improve product performance.mifo will continuously update the firmware to provide much better using experience, the time maybe not fixed.
Upgraded software, system firmware and operating methods can be found in mifo official website, you can find it from below path:mifo official website – service support – download the information.
If you need upgrade your Mifo i2 firmware,please operate by windows system computer.During upgrading,please keep USB connected well with your computer.

Why bluetooth earbuds can not turn on?
1.You can check if earbuds is with power, if not ,please charge it fully before turning it on.
2.Please long press on/off button.( the exact time operation, please check the manual)
Why bluetooth earbuds signal is not stable?
1.Restart the bluetooth earbuds.
2. Please kindly check the compatibility of the mobile phone and calling communication quality.
3. Then confirm if the distance between earbuds and phone is too far or there are interference surrounded.
If too far or there are interference, the signal will be not stable.
4.Please don’t stay in the signal reflective environment.
5.If tried all these still with problem,please change a phone to try.
Why the bluetooth earbuds’s noise is so big?
1. Please kindly check the mobile phone’s noise suppression function.
2. Please kindly check if the bluetooth earbuds and mobile phone’s distance is too far.If too far,please shorten it to try again.
3.Please kindly confirm if there is an electromagnetic radiation surrounding environment.
Why bluetooth earbuds can’t hear voice?
1.Please kindly check if the bluetooth earbuds is on mute.
2. Please check if bluetooth earbuds and phone is connected well.
3.Then confirm if the distance between earbuds and phone is too far or there are interference surrounded.
4.Please make sure the earbuds is not connected with other phone or devices.
How to charge?
Use the original cable, one side connect with earbuds, the other side connect with PC/Table/power bank. When charge, the charging LED light will be on.
Please make sure the output voltage should be less than 5V , and the output current should be less than 2A; otherwise the earbuds

will be shortcut or burned. It is better use the 3.7/1A to charge.
Usually it will take about 2 hours to charge.

How to connect with computer?
1.First,please check if the computer with bluetooth function, if not, please buy a bluetooth adaptor before connect
2.Install bluetooth driver into computer
3.If all prepared well, you can connect earbuds with PC
4.If the computer with bluetooth function, just search and connect .
If the bluetooth earbuds can be upgraded?
1.Normally bluetooth can not be upgraded, as the bluetooth chipset is ROM chipset.
2.Mifo high level earbuds with upgraded service, please check the models you buy
3.When upgrading, please operate follow the guideline, otherwise it may be failed on upgrading.
How to connect earbuds with bluetooth devices (smart phones/tablet)?
1.Power on, the earbuds will enter into pairing mode.
2.Turn on the bluetooth function on bluetooth device, search the earbuds, find the mode name and click to pairing.
3.If need input the password, please input 1234 or 0000
4.If the headset with NFC function, please use the phone’s NFC place to touch earbuds’ NFC place.
Bluetooth product has using environment and distance limit, please don’t use it under electromagnetic radiation or interference surrounding environment.
Please don’t put earbuds into water or tapping, it may damage the product.
If your earbuds didnot use for a long time, please charge one time within 30days to avoid the situation that earbuds can not be activated due to lack of electricity.
The software or hardware maybe upgraded or modified without prior notice, Please refer to the actual product.