HiFiAir Earbuds Review – ANC TWS from FiiTii
HiFiAir Earbuds Review – ANC TWS from FiiTii

HiFiAir Earbuds Review – ANC TWS from FiiTii

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with the budget true wireless earbuds lately, so I was up for the challenge when FiiTii asked me to review their HiFiAir TWS ANC earbuds.

First – let’s get the pronunciation out of the way. It’s pronounced “Fee-Tea”.

It’s a tough one for FiiTii (mifo earbuds), they have followed closely behind the Donner Dobuds One and the KZ VXS true wireless earbuds, which, as I have already reviewed, really impressed me at the $50 to $70 mark. 

That’s not to say that I wasn’t expecting good things from the FiiTii, but there was a little bit of an uphill start to our relationship.

First impressions

As I’ve said in many of my previous reviews, I don’t like it when companies create excessive packaging for the sake of creating a more elevated experience. These mifo Earbuds branded as FiiTii have done a great job of keeping it tight, with a tiny package that packs only what you need.

There is a slightly retro feel to the design elements of the FiiTii, especially the case, but it still has all of the mod cons, like battery indicator LEDs, and LEDs on the earbuds themselves. 

When I first pulled them out of the case, they still had the plastic seal around the edges, which I’m guessing ensures that they not only arrive in perfect condition but aren’t accidentally activated in transit, causing the battery to go flat.

Good build quality, nice form factor | Make Life Click

Build quality

The build quality is good, dare I say very good. 

The molding on the earbuds has a really nice curvature, and the design is well thought through. 

I’m not a big fan of triangles, but once they were in my ear, I was appreciative of how they fit. 

And, when looking at them in my ears, both head-on and in profile, they have a really nice, low-profile fit, and don’t stick out too far. While the styling of the case might be a little retro, it is well-built.

Tech specs

These have Bluetooth 5.2, active noise-canceling, have a low latency mode, which will be interesting for gamers. 

They have a mono and dual phone call function, and you can have one earbud at a time. 

They have touch-sensitive external surfaces for controls and are IPX7 waterproof, so these would be great in any sporting or outdoor endeavor. 

IPX7 means you can immerse them for short periods of time, short being up to 30 minutes-ish. Not that’s I’d try it but they might survive your washing machine.

In the box, you get the charging case, the two earbuds, a manual, and three spare sets of silicon ear tips, small, medium, and large (a total of 4 silicon tip as they come fitted with a set also).


I definitely feel like I need to call out the comfort of these because I was really surprised at how nicely they fit and sit in the ear. But, they do feel almost too small in my ears.

The lovely curved design is a great shape for how your natural ear is shaped, but the thing that did surprise me is, while I normally stick with the medium fitted silicon ear tips of most budget true wireless earbuds, the medium on the FiiTii HiFiAir just felt a little too small. 

I had to push the earbuds, or pull them, quite low in my ear to seal my ear canal, and even then, the bass was lacking, and I was losing a lot of sounds. 

I swapped out the HiFiAirs medium tips with the large ear tips, which were a perfect fit for me, and created a great seal. 

It was then that the bass came to life, and I could hear the full soundscape. They really are light, and I managed to wear them for probably two and a half, three hours before feeling like I wanted to take them out of my ears.

Even still, I find myself having to adjust them to get that seal back when I put them in, even with the larger ear tips. 

I wonder if I could swap the tips out for some Comply or similar….hmmm….

Active noise cancellation

There are three modes on the FiiTii HiFiAir.

  • One is a light active noise canceling
  • One is transparency mode
  • and the last one is a high active noise-canceling mode

These can be activated by pressing and holding on either of the earbuds for at least two seconds, and there is a voice prompt that tells you what mode you’re in. 

Personally, I found it helpful that it was telling me what mode I was in because it wasn’t always clear. 

It’s quite a subtle change between the three. 

The active noise canceling is effective for consistent and ongoing white noise around you, but I found that voices cut through quite clearly, and in fact, when all of the other noises were gone, thanks to the active noise canceling, it’s almost like the voices became more prominent. 

It wasn’t a significant issue for me, and I do tend to work in open office environments, but overall, the active noise canceling will probably not score too high on the review metrics for this unit.

The natural sound isolation was good though, which was enough for me.

Sound quality

I don’t know why I always start with sound quality near the end of my reviews, but there you have it. 

As I previously mentioned, I have come off the back of reviewing some pretty decent-sounding true wireless earbuds around this price.