FiiTii HiFiPods ANC TWS Earbuds Review: Good Sound Quality With Fine Design
FiiTii HiFiPods ANC TWS Earbuds Review: Good Sound Quality With Fine Design

FiiTii HiFiPods ANC TWS Earbuds Review: Good Sound Quality With Fine Design

When there are so many audio products on the market, the competition is, of course, very fierce and you would think that under this kind of market pressure companies will try really hard to manufacture the best products to survive, so you wouldn’t need to worry too much about choosing which product to purchase, well, that seems like it but it’s not really the truth. Not every company has a qualified or excellent audio engineer or product designer, or a good marketing team.

So even if the competition is so fierce, most of the companies just can’t get it right and always end up making awful earbuds and sell them really cheap, so you still need to do some amount of research to choose what kind of audio product to choose when you want to invest some decent money.

FiiTii HiFiPods

So to make your job easier, with our long years of experience of using and trying all kinds of earbuds from different brands, we have chosen FiiTii HifiPods, as one of the very capable options that you definitely should consider.

We’ll talk about it starting with the design, a round metal-built earphone case, with a satisfying click to open and close. The edges are polished with these pretty silver lines that increase the aesthetics to a really great extent. This unique design can also be a décor item just by leaving it on the desktop, decorating the shelf or your desktop. It’s not the smallest case out there but it can easily fit any kind of normal pocket.

Inside is a very neutral gray color with earphones magnetically placed inside. Earbuds are glossy finish plastic, which makes them really light. It only weighs 5.5 grams each while the charging case is 85 grams. The shape design is very subtle, these little curvatures across its body make it very comfortable to wear and at the same keeps very tight and firm. Along with its lightweight, the experience of wearing it is simply wonderful: Light, firm, and comfortable. And this is the one thing I like the most about this pair of earphones.


Moving to the next part, it has got all the useful features packed very well, first of all, the noise-canceling, it’s equipped with 6 microphones to pick up most of the frequencies and can effectively reduce it to a very large extent, which is 40db at most. It also supports wind noise reduction so you don’t need to worry about using it on a windy day or while riding a bike. With the built-in algorithm, it also reduces the surrounding noise while making a phone call, making the voice much clearer even in a very noisy environment.


It uses Bluetooth 5.2 and supports SBC, AAC, and APT-X codex for its connections. SBC and AAC are pretty common but APT-X usually doesn’t come with normal earphones and it’s said that it improves the sound quality to a great extent and we will talk about it when we talk about the sound quality later. Going back to the Bluetooth connectivity, the connection is very steady, even in some really crowded places like a subway station, it still worked perfectly and consistently and connection the range was up to as far as 10m.

battery life

And the next thing is what sets it apart from most of the other competitions distinctly, which is battery life, charging case is with a 1000mAh battery and it has a crazy 70 hours of battery life together with the case. The earbuds themselves provide 7 hours and the charging case provides 63 hours. This is a lifesaver if you are someone who always forgets to charge the earphone in time.

Just charging once at night before going to bed can get it running for around a

It’s rated IPX7, which means that you can fully submerge the earphone 1 meter
under the water for half an hour and it can still function normally, but the rating
only includes the earbuds, the charging case doesn’t have any IP rating. Please keep
that in mind.


Now let’s talk about the sound quality, the earphone comes with two different driver
styles, one is with one Dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver and the other one is with one dynamic driver and two balanced armatures. I have listened to both of them and they vary a lot in sound quality. One dynamic driver and two-balanced-armature version have much better sound quality than the other, for this reason, I only recommend the 2 balanced armature version, though it’s a little bit more expensive, the sound quality is way better and that’s definitely a bargain.

The base is the most emphasized section in the frequency response and is also very well-tuned, it can go very deep and also has a really good dynamic, it can be smooth in some light tracks and also can be very powerful in some heavy tracks, the treble is very airy and pleasant and there is no sign of harshness whatsoever. Also, the instruments are very well separated and the vocal is very soft and tender. The overall listening experience is very pleasing and satisfying.