Mifo FiiTii Hifipods review: Same song, different enjoyment
Mifo FiiTii Hifipods review: Same song, different enjoyment

Mifo FiiTii Hifipods review: Same song, different enjoyment

In order to let everyone know about dynamic+armature hybrid driver headphones, I must first popularize the difference between dynamic and armature headphones, and what are the advantages of the hybrid unit.

What is the difference between dynamic and armature headphones: dynamic and armature refer to the type of generating unit of the headphones.

Dynamic unit: A transduction mode of earphones, and most (about 60% or more) earphones currently belong to this category. The principle is similar to that of an ordinary speaker. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to produce sound under the drive of the signal current.

Armature unit: uses an electromagnet to generate an alternating magnetic field. The vibration part is a piece of iron suspended in front of the electromagnet. When the signal passes through the electromagnet, the magnetic field of the electromagnet will change, so that the iron piece will vibrate.

Anyone who knows a little about headphones knows that the dynamic speaker has insufficient high-frequency resolution, and the armature speaker has insufficient low-frequency. The combination of the two makes up for their respective deficiencies.

Mifo Fiitii Hifipods unboxing

The FiiTii Hifipods hybrid driver bluetooth earbuds packaging box follows the consistent style of the FiiTii brand, the combination of paper sleeve and box body. The main tone of the paper cover is black and gray, and the whole body of the box is bright green.

The upper left corner of the front of the paper sleeve is printed with the words FiiTii. I have used almost all Mifo headphone products, and I really don’t know what the words FiiTii mean this time. After consultation, I found out that FiiTii is Mifo’s new HiFi series of headphones. In the middle is a picture of the earbuds and charging case.

From the back of the paper sleeve, you can know the type and characteristics of the earphones.

MIFO FiiTii Hifipods

Remove the paper sleeve is the green inner box. Except for the FiiTii logo on the front, there is no other information introduced.

MIFO FiiTii Hifipods

All the items in the box are: manual, Type-C charging cable, earbuds, charging case, eartips.

Adopt hybrid driver design, not simply stacking speakers. According to the lack of high frequency resolution of dynamic speakers and insufficient low frequency of armature speakers, the combination of the two makes up for their respective shortcomings. Using difficult electronic frequency division technology, different frequency division points can be adjusted according to the size of the audio, which can show a higher audio effect.

The application of low-frequency processing technology enables the 8mm dynamic driver to achieve the sound effect of the 16mm dynamic driver through a unique cavity design and a built-in rear cavity guide tube. The bass is very punchy, explosive, not dull and bouncy.

The six-microphone noise reduction can make the maximum noise reduction depth of the earphones 36dB, and the noise reduction bandwidth reaches 2000HZ. Call noise reduction adopts dual-mic+ software algorithm dual-channel noise reduction, even if it is completely placed in the cochlea, it can achieve high-definition calls.

Almost every MIFO product is IPX7 waterproof, and MIFO Fiitii Hifipods are no exception. No matter sports sweat or outdoor rain will cause damage to the earphones.

The adaptive technology that automatically adjusts according to the usage scene can enable low latency when playing games and high-definition audio when listening to music. This is a low-loss digital audio compression algorithm that preserves sound data more completely. Compared with the previous bluetooth codec technology, bluetooth audio can produce sound quality comparable to CD.