Tech Review – FiiTii HiFiPods from MIFO
Tech Review – FiiTii HiFiPods from MIFO

Tech Review – FiiTii HiFiPods from MIFO

Recently here we tested out the mifo MIFO active S earbuds which are one of my favourite earbuds to date this year, well these boys are from the same company and are aimed at a different user and the company does this well with how they sound and look, however one might look at how a product is targeted this does not mean you don’t want or need them but it is how things work today and with these earbuds they are almost twice the size of the MIFO ones and a different design too which is cool by the way and overall a bigger profile and this allows for some more inside.

Th HiFiPods offer up to 70 hours battery life which is fantastic considering some headphones cant reach that even today and with their presentation too they are new brand to watch out for in my opinion. Just look at the case, it is again another cool unseen design with metal and not plastic it is just cool.

The profile is bigger as mentioned however they have a unique design and finish that stands out in the crowd which for me is a good thing, they might be too big for some and that is a standard thing these days with design elements, once fitted with the correct tips though there is great passive noise isolation straight away as there is again no app here which is fine.

These are easy to control too, the same as the previous pair we tested and of course we go through this in the video review below and overall they are quite good and consistent given their size.

The sound though is what you want to know about and these sounded brighter than the MIFO, with no app there is no option to change the sound or features however they sound good, the ANC is decent but not the best in the world and you cant access your voice assistant but I can live with this and I am sure many others can. Highs can be hard to pick out lows and mids are fine and there is some bass however not strong so overall a quite middle tone experience or bright, for videos and gaming you have latency options but there was some lag playing games from time to time but this is minute and hardly noticeable to the untrained ear and lets not forget the aptX support.

Calls are find you have a mild noise cancelling’/ ANC off setting and the ANC on and Transparency mode it still does pick up a bit of wind but the quality is fine here.

Battery life is excellent lets not mess around here it will however depend on the settings used  but for the most it is hitting the near 70 hour claim they make..

Overall they are good but the price might be a but hefty for some given they look great and come with a super cool case there is room for those to rightly claim the price is too much and missing an app but that is the earbud market today and design of features might suit some over others but the choice is yours at the end of the day.